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  1. Not sure what radar you looking at, but what about all that back into AL? That's still got to move through.
  2. What's up with that warm nose on the Game/Sc border? I'm not sure I'm buying that. That just doesn't look right.
  3. Now if we can just get a bit more NW so we can push some of those amounts north of 85 in upstate we would be setting pretty!
  4. Something is just not right about the GFS with this event. Not sure what it is but its been crazy for a couple days now. About 5 days ago it was showing close to what the NAM is showing now. Not saying the NAM will be right but it has not backed off for quite a few runs now.
  5. Next weekend looks interesting for sure.
  6. Is it just me or does it look like the Eye is reorganizing?
  7. Heard there were lots of Accidents on I 95, why would people be out. It is very dangerous and getting worse from what I'm hearing?
  8. OK that's what I was thinking too that it was about 10 miles off. But saw a post that said it had made LF.
  9. Are you sure its moving NE? Still looks due N to me.
  10. This thing has a mind of its own! It was to already be turned by now and its not. I think the Bermuda highis pushing it and the Jet stream is allowing the room for it. It could very well get pretty inland before it starts a turn. I think LF is getting real close.
  11. If it keeps on with this track and us here in the upstate will get plenty of rain!
  12. Wasn't this thing modeled to have already started turning by now? Its Got its Eye set dead on HH.
  13. I do not think I've ever seen a run like that, where it looped a storm all the way around back over the same area. But if that Bermuda high hangs around there, its rotation could spin Matthew right back around like that. That would not be a good thing!
  14. Well I'm not North of Hwy 11 and I had little over .50" yesterday.