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  1. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    down in the Valley at Parlin Field I had -9 on the truck thermometer and it was -2 at work.
  2. Dec 22-23 Snow/Ice Observations

    IMBY...19 And very light snowfall
  3. Dec 22-23 Snow/Ice Observations

    I've been here since the start, just a semi-novice lurker...
  4. Dec 22-23 Snow/Ice Observations

    3" OTG moderate snow fall in Newport NH
  5. Feb 7th Mixed Bag North of the Pike

    pixie dust here and north wind.26.6
  6. A Cold Valentine Feb 14 2016 Lobe

    -12 now, -19 yesterday.
  7. Place a Face

    I suck at selfies..
  8. Grinch or White

    Last year my family and I went to Sedona AZ for Christmas and it was warmer here than there, woke up christmas morning to the ground covered in white.
  9. Snowathon Obs/ Nowcast 02/07-02/09

    maybe an inch here, super fine flakes.
  10. Dec 9-10 storm threat

    sorry to hear ...RIP
  11. March 12-13 Winter Storm Observations Thread

    1184' here off Bradford Rd in Newport….
  12. March 12-13 Winter Storm Observations Thread

    Pouring buckets here, 3 miles from Mt. Sunapee…..1-1 1/2 of concrete here today.
  13. Another Cold Shot Jan 7-8

    Matt Noyes: Broadcast Meteorologist Fresh snow is on the roads for some of Upstate New York and New England, from overnight and predawn snow squalls. I've posted a map on my Facebook wall that highlights exactly who has seen fresh overnight snow. Kevin in Tolland, CT, reports 2"-3" of fresh snow from these squalls and roads are a mess - while amounts like that are the exception rather than the rule this morning, even the fresh coating that fell for many south of the MA Pike has made things extra slick this morning.
  14. Low topped squall line/strong wind threat

  15. Early March threats - Mar 1st-8th Period

    If you go to Sunapee might I suggest Salt Hill Pub for Dinner in Newport……best inland fish and chips...