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  1. OT: snowing just west of Tallahassee. Sorry offtopic
  2. This is not the banter thread. Is there a block feature on this site?
  3. Make no mistake, the Antarctic is pretty cold right now my man.
  4. Let us know when "about to" turns to actually happening. Comical how certain posters ONLY show up when big melting is occurring, or when "something about to/in 7 days/ lets show hour 384 GFS to prove our point" is maybe going to occur LOL. Try a bit harder to hide your ridiculous bias man/women/ no actual education about said subject other than climate of gavin.
  5. Love watching your videos Deltadog03, been watching for a few days now! Keep them coming!!!
  6. I finished with 3in exactly here in Chase MD
  7. The search function just confused me and I am sorry for posting this here... But can anyone tell me a good app to for viewing weather models on the Play Store (android)? Obv doubt there is much and it will not be free. Willing to pay for a decently put together app...
  8. Chase MD about 10 minutes ago..(Eastern Balt County)
  9. Dusting in Chase MD now, coming down pretty good still!