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  1. Just got it for WV northern panhandle too. Very little mention of snow accumulation though...
  2. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    I am betting on a coating to an inch where I live. This just isn't our winter. Neither has been the last several either....
  3. Pittsburgh PA Winter 2016-2017

    I share the same sentiment - probably as most do on here. It has just been very frustrating to say the least. There is still time but its hard to not find yourself down a little with what winter has presented thus far.
  4. Pittsburgh PA Winter 2016-2017

    Going to be hard not to chalk the whole winter up as an L at this rate...
  5. Its like watching a train wreck for me. I just cant stop listening to him...only gets my hopes up and then the big let down.
  6. Looks to be just plain rain here... I have seen a few robust accumulation amounts by locals for my area. Not so sure.
  7. That is my neck of the woods. Lets see what it does for me. Side note- you all make winter so much better knowing we all are in the same boat. I appreciate all the input on this board.
  8. Sad this is what one gets excited about. This is probably my first real shot of winter - at least for my area.
  9. Roads in Hancock County are a mess. Nice squall lines came through. Couple different bursts. Still have one coming through.
  10. Wont even have enough to make a snowball...disappointing the burst that just came through will be the most I see until the next whiff...
  11. If this turns out to not be our storm - I hope for everyone here that we get the one we are hoping for this winter. Seems like a lot of disappointment over the years.
  12. Haha - me too. Just trying to grasp at something here.
  13. http://videowall.accuweather.com/detail/videos/trending-now/video/2430839568001/snowstorm-and-difficult-travel?linkBaseURL=http%3A%2F%2Fvideowall.accuweather.com%2Fdetail%2Fvideos%2Ftrending-now%2Fvideo%2F2430839568001%2Fsnowstorm-and-difficult-travel Bernie Rayno's thoughts...
  14. Looks like I'll be lucky to sniff a few inches in northern wv if the south trend holds true...