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  1. NYC - 23.5" JFK - 22" LGA - 27" EWR - 29" TEB - 30"
  2. I'm on the extreme Northeast of that 30" area right where it cuts off. Fingers crossed.
  3. Just went out for a walk to the end of the street. Couldn't sit inside and watch from the window. Totally incredible. Go out safely if you can as it's amazing out there.
  4. Current band over me if the best I have seen so far. Amazing out here.
  5. Bergen county seem to be stuck in a hole between 2 bands. yet still snowing at a pretty good clip. Would love that band setup over here.
  6. Anyone know how reports from DC area are coming through? Hope they are not angry that we stole their show (and thunder).
  7. NWS forecast looks right on money for me so far. They had 1-3" for the night and it looks around the same eyeballing it outside.
  8. Band is finally here for me near Paramus. Took an hour from Bayonne.
  9. I was about to ask as well. Looks like it has slowed down since it reached Bayonne.
  10. Going to wait and see if that band make it to Bergen. Sleep can wait.
  11. Thanks! This is your Periscope video link and can be watched without the app in browsers - https://periscope.tv/lrowe1/1RDGlBbglqkxL
  12. Picking up and everything is coated in Maywood. Anyone know of a good webcam in north NYC/NJ area to monitor in morning?