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  1. Like how the yellow bands are slowly creeping towards DC.
  2. Finally looks like a yellow band might pass through my way.
  3. Looks like DC might cash in with the band SW approaching.
  4. B-more about to get some loving with that band.
  5. Some people are insane, we are talking long range NAM here. It is not even half bad.
  6. Changeover better happen in the next 3 minutes or storm cancel.
  7. UKMET latest one to join the trend. Had ~28mm at 0z , 12z has about ~20mm of snow.
  8. Sleet picking up intensity here in Silver Spring.
  9. This is just legendary. Heaviest of the night. I've said it multiple times, but just when i think it can't get any better, it does.
  10. The RAP looks like on track if this continues.
  11. Silver Spring MD, in that 35-40dBZ band, flakes are big, coming down at a very nice clip. Can't really get better than this .