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  1. 14 minutes ago, Ralph Wiggum said:

    South Jersey shore points literally 5-15 miles from a snowmageddon death band off to their Southeast. Hoping that can nudge NW or backbuild for you guys to enhance your totals!

    Looks like the back edge of that is raking the DE beaches.  

  2. Looks like Acy south got it bad and Cape May County through Delaware was ground zero. I wonder how the Townsends Inlet area did between Sea Ilse City and Avalon at the bridge.

    Me too. My family has a house in Avalon Manor, up the street from the marina. We are elevated so hopefully only the garage got it but our dock was destroyed by Sandy so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. I was scouring social media but didn't find pics from that area.

  3. I have a serious question... Would there be a threat of storm surge inside the eastern tributaries of the bay? I just heard the marine forcast on the news and it sounds like several hours of prolonged easterly winds.

    From what I saw the jet sets up north of the bay, major flooding is more a concern in northern MD beaches, DE/NJ. My family has a back bay property in NJ that I think will flood near December 1992 levels. Fortunately the house itself is 7 feet off the ground.

  4. I know it's a different evolution but remember the 2015 March storm? Models consistently showed us and DC getting smoked, then models trended south 2 days before the event only to trend back N and bullseye us. Maybe it's recency bias, but I would favor a N trend over not.

    That being said, my concern level is high considering I am 25 miles NW of Philly

    I'm a couple exits west of you on 422, and I think we'll make out just fine. I should have posted 6 hours ago when a poster out in Rofo expressed concern, that I think we'll be closer to the highest totals (not saying we're in the jackpot zone) than not. We've got a little elevation and distance from the coast going for us to get less mixing, and we're not so far north that we need to worry about the cutoff. Otherwise I have no meteo knowledge to back this up, it's just my hunch on this one.

  5. I'm sorry and I hope I don't offend any fans, but when I hear Jonas I immediately envision the Jonas Brothers and they are pretty lame and kind of on the sensitive side. I have always been opposed to TWC naming these storms. If the NWS concocted a naming system however, I would be more inclined to embrace it. But you cant name every single event like weak clippers, etc. Needs to be a low-end limit/criteria for naming... kind of how with tropical systems the winds need to exceed a certain sustained speed.

    TWC needs to use the MST3K names from Space Mutiny - I'd get on board with Storm Big McLargeHuge. Anyway, nontropical storms are best named after the fact, when their full impact is known, or simply by a descriptor and year since the impact is made memorable, e.g. March 93 Superstorm, Ash Wednesday Storm of 62, Blizzard of 96, etc. Tropical storms have a defined set of criteria that warrant a name even if the only thing they ever impact are shipping interests.

    In conclusion, TWC trying to name storms is like trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen.

  6. I was taking a year off to work but living at home as I was preparing to go to law school. Our house had a big sledding hill behind it that faced the house. Winds usually whipped down that hill and the huge drift created by the winds during the storm made the hill look like a cresting wave about to crash on the house. It was the coolest part of the storm for me. Somewhere in a basement I have a picture of it.

    My snow-loving golden retriever at one point waved the white flag on going out to do his business, so I shoveled a network of paths in the yard and a couple larger areas where he could go. We were over 30" by a nose in East Norriton.

  7. Not quite. A bad storm, but Katrina was a 175mph 902mb beast. A ways to go yet to get there.

    I was going to defend Ralph here if he was referring g to surge. Katrina was a weakening 3 at landfall but the surge remained a cat 5 or very close to it, slamming into a (in)famously low lying area. Sandy's surge was incredible in parts due the the New York bight as well as the sheer size of the storm.

    Intensity? I have to agree this would have a way to go to get to Katrina levels.

    The only model I hug is the SLOSH lol

  8. Im praying for OTS here. I have family in Cape May (Town Bank right along the Delaware Bay) and will actually be down there this weekend myself, unless of course this beast heads directly our way, then I'm headed for the hills. As a side note for anyone who knows the bayside beaches, the surf was up to the dunes this week already. Hampered my fishing efforts....and the fishing was red hot for a while too. Hate to think what a track up the mouth of the Delaware Bay would do. And North Wildwood beaches are already gone. Lots of pics on FB for those interested. High tides this week all the way up to the dunes and big cliffs to get onto the beach.

    Be safe everyone....going to be a long weekend!

    Wow, those are steep beaches on the bayside too, at least in North Cape May.

    There is a major dredging project going on in the back bay of Avalon, I'm hoping the OTS solution verifies so the project isn't wrecked (along with our house).