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  1. Jan 19-22 Severe Weather thread

    As someone that lives in Beebe, Arkansas which was hit by one of the 1/21/99 tornadoes I will hope that your observation about the lack of instability continues to be the case for the rest of the day.
  2. Some of those SE folks live to much on the cliff ready to jump at a single bad model run........
  3. OK / AR / KS / MO Winter 2013-2014

    I'm like the junky in the closet who comes out when someone lures him out with some candy like NJ_Ken just did. I looked at the radar and it does appear some more frozen precip. is coming NE. Hopefully it's not so dry and will actually make it this far north. I kinda missed out on this last batch without too much so I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more since I had to come into work today because there wasn't enough snow and ice to go out and play.
  4. OK / AR / KS / MO Winter 2013-2014

    New Poster here. Not really in NW Arkansas but i'm in the neighborhood. Getting quite a bit of sleet right now with just a touch of snow mixing in. Working on an inch or so to go with that 10+ that I got on Christmas day. BTW---- I am a huge fan of this site. Long time lurker......
  5. December Forecast Discussion

    Good morning, I am a long time fan and stalker of this site. I recently signed up for a membership and will become a contributor shortly and I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for the information that is shared here. I used to think that I was a fairly knowledgable amateur "weatherman" but I have come to realize how litte I understand the weather and that's it's just not as simple as looking out the window. The information and opionions that are displayed on this site are fantastic and I have a much better appreciation / understanding of our weather and have learned to enjoy the intricacy of weather because of ya'lls insights. It's always an enjoyable read on whatever forum that I happen to visit but I think the Southeast is my favorite even though it's actually not my region. Thanks Again!