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  1. After another 2.1" last night. Seasonal total in the NE side of Brunswick ME is now at 97". Might make 100 by Tuesday eve.
  2. 850mb & 925mb winds look to be South or at least ESE. This will help for areas along W-E barriers (Sheffield Heights). Newark, East Haven, Sutton area maybe up into Willoughby area. However the flow is very very light less than 10mph. Not a big orographic event for the NEK. Might have to watch for northern edge dry air sneaking in but I couldn't rule out 2-4" isolated 5" in enhanced areas.
  3. You know these things must drive the models nuts. BTV WRF was south of PWM for jackpot. Then NE of PWM up to IWI. Now its back south again. Haha
  4. 18z RPM would cue the weenie mobile in my opinion for Maine that is! haha
  5. Pet Peeve with Winter Storms. Headline from USA Today: "Snow 'hurricane' to lash New England this weekend" I am pretty sure we aren't going to see sustained winds 96-110mph. Yeah we might see barometric pressure fall to 960mb but still bugs me.
  6. Makes sense looking at the QPF and 15:1 ratios.
  7. Blizzard Warnings are up now in Eastern Mass
  8. 12z GFS giving 1.3-1.6" of liquid along the Maine coast. Wicked!
  9. I can tell you I won't be screaming bust. For crying out loud I can't even see my neighbors truck that's how high the snow banks are. I am happy to see any bit of snow. Snowbanks (snowblowing/plows) are running around 6-8 feet high. Actual snowpack is 25-30". I say whatever we can add on lets do it!
  10. What's crazy is I can see this under producing here in Maine and overproducing. Anyone else seeing it both ways?
  11. Oh yeah I see that. Usually in these types of events its all over the place I was shocked how clustered they were. Even just looking at the NMM members we still are looking at 14-16" mean. Two clusters. Not to shabby
  12. Shocking. SREF in pretty good agreement with its members for PWM. Mean around 18"
  13. Yeah I know I feel the same way. Its very interesting setup. This looks to be one of those storm where you fly by the seat of your pants.
  14. Still lower confidence at any point do we really make WSW criteria. Might hit it a couple of times but its spread out over a long duration. At that point do you just issue the warning for wording? WSW (6" in 12hrs or 9" in 24hrs for GYX CWA)
  15. As of 3:35PM. Brunswick ME. 7.2" of snow. We were at times snowing at 2.2" per hour. Looking at the radar here comes another heavy band. We have been filling in for awhile to keep us at SN- to SN. Now back to SN+ here at this time of post.