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  1. San Diego without a doubt but not too far inland - as close to the coast (expensive) you can be - very regulated coastal breeze fogs. You mentioned Hawaii - leeward sides of the mountains are partially desert but you can tune with the Trade wind set up southwestern mountain slopes to find your habitat fitting your 10-20" range. I still think San Diego or S. southern California would be your best bet. It stays a bit greener there than inland where the fogs are less if you don't mind foggy mornings 200 days plus out of the year.
  2. WXheights

    Climate Change Banter

    Nope, this applies to a nest crapper - those who feel they must protect forms of nest crapping as in planetary nest crappers when exhibited. They carry a superior form "in the name of nest crapping" and have free reign ad all of them here ad everywhere need to be challenged.
  3. WXheights

    Climate Change Banter

    Attitudinal Nest Crappers anonymous are given free reign, and should always be challenged.
  4. Don't quote me on this
  5. WXheights

    New Study: No "hiatus" in AGW

    "Our new analysis suggests that the apparent hiatus may have been largely the result of limitations in past datasets, and that the rate of warming over the first 15 years of this century has, in fact, been as fast or faster than that seen over the last half of the 20th century," said Thomas R. Karl, LHD, Director, NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Ok Spin that!
  6. All to the exclusion of million dollar propaganda machine with several media outlets with paid trolls from institutes C'mon. It would be very hard to quantify disbelief from exaggeration vs. proactive campaigns invented to muddy up scientific content
  7. There was some talk poster sessions at the NWA conference last week at a degraded Satellite feed especially down the road with newer cheaper technologies coming down the line - though private. Hmmm...
  8. Everybody should know that its complex and the "either or" is a "crap-trap" and move on. Same authors said "We know that the influence of humans on climate is only growing over time. We expect over coming decades for that influence to get bigger and bigger.” On that, the study’s authors agreed.“Global warming is still proceeding,” Mantua said. “And it’s still a really huge deal that’s going to shape the future and be a bigger and bigger part of our story.” Mostly agree excepting point 4. ORH on regional areas for statistical increase upper Midwest, Ohio valley, and most definitely the NE and adjacent Canada.
  9. Empirical data sets offer the answer. If approached without any biases its overwhelming anthro as we know right now. I think its a good 60% anthro (time to act and not sit on our hands which makes me alarmist sounding) and 40% natural variation. In a couple decades that will be 70% anthro 30% natural and so forth based on business as usual increases. How much carried baggage is ideological lets say plus or minus 20% for most who try to keep that under the rug and more like 100% for science challenged numnuts. I think wanting to get off fossil fuels faster makes one sound falsely "extremist, alarmist insert adhominen" on the science of AGW. I think we build in a buffer not to go positive feedback and that is debatable for sure but yeah alarmist camp but realizing as time goes on more and more folks will take this position and eventually do something about it personally (libertarian solutions) or through government regulations - which is the real "boogyman" for the non scientist skeptic which I think is the meat of the question - One world order UN black helicopter crowd.
  10. WXheights


    The Northeast U.S. especially will be dealing in SLR and other water works associated with AGW. It's preferable over the Western extreme of heat and no water where their once was.
  11. WXheights

    USGS models show a 50% decrease in Conus snowfall by the 2060s

    I agree. Surmising subtle maybe big change in overall frequency of favorable pattern more snow in the NNE and that oh so extra kick from increased water vapor our neck of the woods results in increased snow linked to overall warming, extreme pcpn events. Much rather be here that other parts of country when theirs lack of water. Actually away from the coast New England may be better able to surf AGW than other parts of the country, but don't tell anybody that.
  12. WXheights

    USGS models show a 50% decrease in Conus snowfall by the 2060s

    Sorry I was thinking end of century. Mid century 2060 maybe good for about 30-40% reduction of snowfall - even more in depths though.
  13. Opposite Kerry Emanuel on past studies relating to AGW and TC 's