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  1. Dr No

    February 14-15 Event Obs

    What QPF does the 12Z Euro spit out?
  2. Dr No

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    The precip has stopped here and temps are now 27. Wind has shifted to the NW, which should start the PL/SN line moving back east again. No appreciable accumulation of the sleet since it changed over, so we remain at 14.25".
  3. Dr No

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    ah crap... very quick transition to 100% pingers again now.
  4. Dr No

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    I tried to do some measuring as scientific as possible given the 30 mph gusts we've had drifting things up. Four random measurements 22" + 20" + 8" + 6" = 57" - 11" combined measurement at 12AM = 46". 46"/4 = 11.50" since 12 AM 2/13 12:00 AM: 2.75" 2/13 12:00 - 7:00 AM 11.50 Storm Total: 14.25. We've probably had a couple inches compact due to the hour of sleet between 5-6 AM. Current Temp 24/22.. Heavy Snow.
  5. Dr No

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    We've gone back to 100% snow now: heavy snow. Visb <1/4 mile. It still ticks (vs. sleet pings) on the window so there is some riming going on and a layer up there at or just above 0.
  6. Dr No

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    We've had a snow/sleet mix for the last 1/2 hour now: literally 50/50. Temp 23/22. The big story has been the wind. I know we've had a couple gusts in the 30-40 mph range. I'm not going to be able to get an accurate measurement since mother nature cleared my board for me.
  7. 22, light snow. in a lull right now between the bands. I cleared the snow board, but unfortunately the wind and the powder made it useless for this measurement. The snow is all blown around in drifts. I took four measurements 5", 4", 1", 1", coming out to 2.75 for the first 5.5 hours of the storm. Hopefully it warms up some for the 6AM measurement
  8. Moderate snow the last 2 hours or so- couple inches definately. Snow board clearing around midnight. Temp at 22, which is another degree off since 9PM, and a positive sign.
  9. Those are some impressive echoes down there in southern VA and central NC....
  10. Dr No

    February 12-13 Storm IV, Model Discussion

    So when do we start the thread on the Friday night 3-5" threat?
  11. Light snow still 23/20... heavy band on the doorstep. Very nice fluffy dendrites. I'd estimate we are closing in on an inch. 1/24th of the way there, if you believe tonight's NAM.
  12. Dr No

    February 12-13 Storm IV, Model Discussion

    I'm pretty excited at the potential when the upper energy passes by late tomorrow. I think there sure could be couple hours of pretty heavy snow... Of course for northern VA and DC, we'd want the upper energy to close off and pass just SE of DCA to put us in the best position. The latest RAP has some good omegas associate with it off to our SW at 17Z tomorrow.
  13. The snow started here around 6:20 and snowing lightly with a coating. 24/20. Gainesville, VA.
  14. Dr No

    The Psuhoffman Storm

    It'll be hoisted after the kids are halfway to school tomorrow morning.
  15. Dr No

    The Psuhoffman Storm

    DOH! A snow hole! Generally Looks good area wide.