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  1. It'll be hoisted after the kids are halfway to school tomorrow morning.
  2. DOH! A snow hole! Generally Looks good area wide.
  3. You weenies crashed NCEP. Shame on you.
  4. I love the location of the snow hole - Boston
  5. The 0Z NAM runs are always the driest out of the 4, whether wrong or right. RGEM will be a BECS (Old Testament style)
  6. So they wait for the 0Z runs to come in and hoist the warnings if all is on par. What's the difference?
  7. Anyone notice the temp/DP difference bisecting the area? Along and south of a line around Culpeper to Stafford, temp near 50 and DP lower 30's. North of that Upper 30's to near 40, DP in the lower 20's. Interesting feature to see if it moves north.
  8. Absolutely. Especially since the temps have yet to climb higher than 20's since early Saturday. The ground will be nice and toasty for the storm.
  9. Just like I'd like to see the 12Z guidance come back a little more to the north with the ULL track, I'm sure thats what the NWS is waiting to see as well.
  10. Nogaps had this nailed 5 days ago. BTW 20-30mm on it tongiht.
  11. Ninja posted that there might be temp issues and this might be rain, but there might be enough cold that it might snow.
  12. His name is appropriate for NYC's impact.
  13. Color map... this is absurd.
  14. All snow and the Virgina Blue Ridge get about 12"-16" Wednesday PM if the RGEM verifies as is.
  15. Thats nuts 43MM through 0Z just west of town with probably quite a bit more to come.