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  1. Quarter size hail near Oak Hill S of Herndon
  2. Man does this forum die after winter and snow threats are over...
  3. 3.5" in Oakton near the water towers and West Ox/Rt. 50. Been ripping for the past hour or so, piling up fast.
  4. I like snow more than most people because I go around the neighborhoods near me and make so much money shoveling.
  5. I'm gonna bring my umbrella tomorrow when I go out so that the sun-melted snow turned to rain doesn't get my new hat wet. The only deathband is gonna come from the March sun and it's killing all the snowflakes.
  6. Seems like 5"-10" is a good bet for much of the region at this point. NAM the only real outlier, but it is the NAM.
  7. 10:1 is more reasonable given the wet nature of the snow, at least at the beginning.
  8. Flipped back from sleet 20 minutes ago. Ripping dendrites! 22124
  9. Ripping. 24 degrees. Enjoying the last bit of snow before the mix.
  10. Those heavier rates by Culpeper to Fredericksburg, are they snow or sleet? Anyone around there able to report?
  11. Next 6 hours. I'd be okay with half of this in my location.