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  1. Modern USA is not built for a infections. Its very crammed together in major consumer centers, which sole purpose is to shop and consume. Letting go of that is hard. Getting rid of the economy since WWII would destroy wealth at a astonishing weight just to get back to a 50/50 production/service economy, which relies less on human interaction. Even online shopping can go so far.
  2. The "elite" would enjoy that. He has been their disinfo agent for some time.
  3. Diseases coming out of Asia is older than the hills. Even behind "the iron curtain", the 1957 swine flu outbreak got out of mainland China and killed 70000 Americans. Responses to these diseases has gotten better. Covid19 is a bit more lethal than some, but not like the plague of Justian which put the final blow into the "pagans" or the Black Death which led to the scientific revolution(and takeover by the bankers of Indo-European culture via capital expansion).
  4. Easily one of the most overhyped and overblown events in recent times.
  5. There are many reasons why this disease, than say the 2009 swine flu. The biggest is it hits older, property owners harder than children, which was the swine flu's main victims, which owned no property. Too many properties hitting at once can make debt expansion look very weak. Monetary wise, a more infectious disease is getting more attention. It always comes down to money.
  6. How good is the reanalysis data back from 1851-1947?? It shows the January 1st 1864 storm............not so impressive.
  7. It is about 3-6 hours faster than forecast. Not that surprising.
  8. Not sticking to the pavements at all. Its a crappy setup in late Winter signal.
  9. Looks like a 2-5 inch job for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
  10. I suspect the duel low nature and how it effected upper level heights confused the models. Many had the 2nd low forming in the eastern OV in the long range and my gawd, that is whats going to happen. The "main low" may get a bit more organization over the next day hopefully creating a stronger system in the wishful thinking.
  11. A strung out turd again? This winter has made its feelings known.
  12. Well it looks like another winter winding down for the OV(outside a stray snow shower here and there into March). Not much happened this winter. It was poor. Next year can't hardly be worse. Only place to go is up. Hopefully by next Christmas, this thread will be 10 times as long as it will get this year.
  13. If there is a triple phaser in the future for NW Ohio, you have to return.