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  1. Be interested how much the haze is effecting Temps. Looks noticeable. Like a late October sun.
  2. Strong persistent blocking can be a problem, but -NAO patterns, the ups and downs help spur big storms creation. February 1965 is a good example of a strong storm forming when the -NAO formed. January 1978 speaks for itself. Early January 1918. The November 1950 blizzard in the OV was -NAO.
  3. My neighbor died of Covid this last week. I had not seen her since late July. Her Daughter was mowing the grass when I got the information. Infant Granddaughter in tow. Sad, only 54. My first contact with a Covid fatality. She always did my Taxes.
  4. Last years winter was probably the worst since 2011-12
  5. Mano mano.........what a day today!!!! 86 degrees, blue skies, summer clothing. Just a terrific weather pattern!!!
  6. Remember, there never has been a successful vaccine against colds. They are the special forces of viruses.
  7. The I-80 heatwave ends. No more please.
  8. The global elite control the south. They give them a dialectic to follow and like good peasants they follow them. It was the southern elite who created the council of foreign relations via Davis and Thurmond, 2 men who saw themselves as globalist plantation owners.
  9. Really, these lockdowns are getting old after a few people test positive. They shouldn't have started classes if they were that "concerned". Its just delaying herd immunity and opening up a chance Covid mutates to even a nastier form to infect and kill more people. Its just a cold in general. Anything over 300000 deaths should be viewed as a tragedy considering the number of lockdowns, restrictions and mask orders. Listen, the disease sucks. Its new and that means compared to 10 years from now, it is more deadly. But you can't have "safe" in this realm.
  10. I don't know if it will be a heatwave like 1953. Looks more tropically influenced including the pacific which might lead up to the WAR and PER connecting.
  11. Even though some people think repressing testing is good politics, it doesn't stop new cases. This is why I supported just letting it go until most of the country was overwhelmed. It unifies politically. Lessons for Govs and Mayors. The NCAA tournament should have never been cancelled. Baseball starting on time with full crowds. Normal schools. The spread will have been extremely fast by May. Then a national testing/tracing plan would have been put in place, slowly reducing cases down to 0.
  12. Basically if you wanted Herd immunity with only self-social distancing, we would look at 600,000 deaths and 20 million people with long term damage. Now we are looking at 300,000 dead with 10 million with long term damage. I can't wait for health care companies to jack of costs over this future "treatment". That is where Influenza is not as annoying. It comes, it kills fast, its gone in 6-9 months. Yeah, 2020 is not 1918 in terms of deaths, but its worse than 1957(if containment policy was similar) and the long term effects which the Flu doesn't have.
  13. Sweden stopped herd immunity mid-April. Started mandating masks at high infection areas, restricted large gatherings(still in effect). Was helped with the other European countries shutting down access to the virus. Sweden is the size of Ohio, but still beats Ohio in total deaths and infections, which due to Covid being a Vascular disease, means more long term damaged people. Its your type of attitude, that leads to the US being a slow mo trainwreck.
  14. Bailout culture is bad. Its especially bad to white people who thanks to the banks, have excess debt and wealth. They have lost the way how to behave as Patriots. This decadent anti-nationalism I have seem from them during the pandemic is embarrassing. The fact is the US could use a good ole fashioned liquidation. Supply lines at Walmart, rationing food, which was all typical up through the great depression will make a comeback. America can regain independence again with a debt free currency. Social Nationalism will replace Progressives in the future and identity politics will die out.
  15. Looks like the peak heat index period will be Friday-Sunday.