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  1. People shouldn't put too much hype into this system. It will struggle to accum outside elevated areas. It really needed a powerful phase to generate the kind of storm weenies hope for. Its sorta a premeal snack.
  2. If it doesn't phase, there is not much to work with. Too early for snow totals anyways.
  3. The phase never really happens though the energy is close to becoming vertically stacked. If it did, a nice cone of -10 850's would develop over the snow area.
  4. My interest is piqued but this is a long way off still in model world. Need a stronger phase to really get this going imo.
  5. That really isn't that relevant if the energy downstream doesn't phase. This kind of thread the needle event needs a full blown phase to be a big snow event. Partial GFS style phases won't cut it.
  6. 10 days from tomorrow, a nice little pop will be happening.
  7. That had the arctic jet involved which really powered up the jet stream.
  8. Marginal setup with a lack of cold air. Very fallish.
  9. Its about 50% infected, where the transmissions start going down. Obviously hospitalizations and deaths would lag that. Yeah, if infections start going down and hospitalizations drop by January, then the vaccine was too late and frankly, irrelevant. Even states seem to be suspecting this based on lack of enforcement and hoping for further reopening in January.
  10. I wondered that in August. I felt bad, up and down for the next month. Started getting heart Palps/fluttering. Ended up being a very bad Omega 3 deficiency for the latter. Probably a mild sinus infection with the former. .
  11. Yeah, that is what happened in 1917, though the main change happened around December 5th. which wouldn't surprise me if that timeframe isn't again when the main change comes. The Westerly QBO though is a annoyance.
  12. It will have to spread more, probably 75% to get HI.
  13. The father of the Plains outbreak.