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  1. Some people wear masks now. Maybe they like them for other reasons. I frankly, could care less as long as mandatory masks were lifted.
  2. Speak for yourself. I lead by example, you just mutter dialectics.
  3. got the drift right???
  4. That is possible, but no real consensus compared to say the 1957 breakout.
  5. Again, your use of "China virus" is pure talking points. The Italian Virus sucks all right. Why keep you keep on gaslighting everything is pretty lol.
  6. Yeah, but the Sun belt due to warmer weather and stronger UV are seeing cases collapse. I think 10% is practically useless and Michigan is the Italy of the US, weird rise that doesn't match the others. Who's health orders will be rescinded first, California's or Michigan's??? Its usually not until mid-April the real warm season starts up north.
  7. The "British" variant is everywhere, its irrelevant. Michigan's numbers don't add up to the surrounding states which have flattened cases. Ohio, Penn, Indiana,Illinois, Wisconsin, even its lakes neighbor New York is seeing cases slowly dwindle down. Yet, Michigan's spike. Something is off.
  8. I don't know I agree with that. Michigan is a outlier, which may be a data artifact. Total cases really have not gone up that much, if anything, they never quite fell that low.
  9. With Blacks, its low Vit D and being fat with mortality rates. They don't trust vaccines. Its alright to admit that in general. Things have been improving on that side, but it is slow. With the differing hispanic tribes, its crowding and low VIt D. Matter of fact, Vit D is a problem for everybody in today's sheltered lifestyle. Many hispanics don't like the "look" of getting vaccinated, it isn't a machismo look. Vaccination rates are really lagging with them, really lagging. People lie. 41% of Republicans in a survey said they wouldn't take the vaccine, but rates and where the rates are high suggest that was a total lie. See Trump, Donald for truth. about 15% of Democrats said they won't get it, but unlike the Republicans, they really mean it. They are at the heart of anti-vaxxers in general. Secular, new age quacks that live in a fairy tale, watching the Freedom School scene in Billy Jack one too many times. These guys are never getting vaccinated. Like never. Don't worry about them.
  10. No they aren't. Outside, Paris, cases are falling in France. Paris is a oddity and it has little to do with "variant" nosense. Ditto for Germany, where the total cases are not translating into more hospitalizations, not unsimilar to what some states have seen over the last month.
  11. Cases are irrelevant. Its all about hospitalization.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised drug/alcohol use wasn't a trigger. Your warned not to do anything 2 weeks post vaccine.
  13. All vaccines protect against all variants. Full protection is overrated. The key is keeping people out of the hospital and that they all do.