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  1. I moved from the TV and the aviation side of operational forecasting into the energy industry. I've also hired entry level energy trade floor meteorologists in the past. What we looked for was a couple of things: 1) Experience in Forecasting (not necessarily in Energy) 2) Communication 3) How you take Criticism 4) Knowledge of weather models and climate diagnostics....there's obviously other factors but these are the main ones. Communication is so important in energy just cant be a quiet weather geek behind the desk in this job...the traders will have you for breakfast. You have to speak your ready to defend your opinion...and if your'e ready to shout out the update before the traders can potentially lose a lot of money of your earlier forecast. You'll need to be able to take the heat and move forward from it. It's a fast paced, challenging atmosphere....but in my opinion it's the best operational weather job out there! So, my point is a minor in business is not really going to's how you present yourself, what experience you have, and even your personality that will set you apart from others. With that being said, I think there is a future in meteorology and it's going towards the side of how weather affects the markets. I think companies are seeing a lot of profits lost from the risk of severe weather...(ie agriculture, trains, ships, construction, travel operators, the Walmarts, etc, list goes on and on...etc etc). Weather derivatives, weather risk modeling, and long term forecasting for companies is a growing field and I think that's where the future in meteorology is heading. The good news is that we always need Energy regardless of any this job sector should remain pretty strong going forward too! AJ