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  1. Don't post a lot but read a lot and have been for several years. Can someone please explain how all this snow could happen tonight as im sitting here at 45 with a dewpoint of 44? The winds have started to shift out of the east in the past hour but I just don't see the temps dropping that much and that fast for us around here in NEGA to cash in on anything substantial?
  2. A.J.NEGA

    The Big One - Observation

    Sorry for the time delay was getting the family to bed...I'm in hart county...now down to 31 and snowing pretty good
  3. A.J.NEGA

    The Big One - Observation

    Flakes now flying...32...still waiting on the temp drop
  4. A.J.NEGA

    Burns' Big Banter Bonanza

    Point forecasts taken...but the vast majority of areas from what I can see went down around 3" average which is what fell during the day today
  5. A.J.NEGA

    Burns' Big Banter Bonanza

    Look at your time period...the previous maps took into consideration the snowfall that we all got today
  6. A.J.NEGA

    Potential Thanksgiving Event

    Just throwing this out there...I believe it was feb. 2009 where the ULL bombed and drew in the cold air...the comma deformed right on top of my area with 7-8" of heavy wet snow. All that was after 3" of rain the day of the event. Looks almost like that same situation to me but im no met. Hart county GA by the way.
  7. A.J.NEGA

    March 2013 OBS

    Nice dusting here in Hart county...looks like the band is set up right on top of me. Big wet flakes coming down at a good clip with the temp at 33...beautiful site after two years of waiting.