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  1. check out the Raleigh Bay Buoy pressure drop:
  2. Sleet inside the Beltline in Raleigh. 34F
  3. From moderate sleet to light snow in Raleigh.
  4. If anywhere near accurate / useful, this doesn't bode well for central NC:
  5. Switched to mostly ZR in central Raleigh for about 30 minutes. Sleet now starting to mix back in.
  6. This storm has left its mark on my small track in Raleigh. Still no power, a big cedar tree down in the backyard that missed the power line by 1 foot (at most). A substantial magnolia branch on my truck with apparently no damage and 5" of snow & ice. Would have loved all powder and sorry for the folks how just had rain but enjoyed the dynamics with this one.
  7. 10 minutes of sleet and now back to snow at Glenwood and St. Marys in Raleigh. Lots of transformers blowing nearby.
  8. Elizabeth Gardner showed the graphic that Brick posted at noon and described it as an example of one of the northernmost models. She also mentioned others that were aligning further south and indicated that she thought Central NC was in for a decent snow. When pushed with a 10" question from one of the anchors - she wouldn't bite and thought that 5" might be a better bet for around Raleigh.
  9. This is turning into a Wake County Special. The radar keeps refilling from the West. Snow is picking back up significantly in Raleigh.
  10. Just back from the evening dog walk - all sleet in Raleigh at present.