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  1. Looking at the NC beach forecast for next weekend and the 4th there is a 60% chance of rain Fri - Tues. Can anyone provide some insight as to whether the forecast is for afternoon storms each day or a wash?
  2. How do I post a picture from my iPhone?
  3. I just got home, hail still on the ground. I took a picture of one but can't figure out how to post
  4. Confirmed, i live off lake pine. Wife called with kids in the bath claiming golf ball sized hail
  5. Can someone please tell me where/how to access the ignore poster feature? I've asked about it previously, but don't recall seeing a response. TIA.
  6. Help me out fellas, what's a jeb walk?
  7. Moderate rain 30 degrees, nice little cell moving over Cary
  8. +1 I'm assuming that since its 27 degrees outside that it is technically freezing rain
  9. Wake county schools closed tomorrow
  10. 31/-3 Dew point dropped from 0 to -3 in the last 40 mins
  11. 31/0 Slightly darker overcast than it was 30 mins ago