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  1. that will be a huge issue, also mosquito borne illness, vermin, mold
  2. totally agree on this point, some of the stuff they put evacuees through just to fill air time was a freakin' disgrace. lend them a hand (without a camera please) or get out of the way
  3. it took my husband 3 1/2 hrs to get home from work, due to Rita evac mess - it's a straight 15 mi ride out Hwy 290. After Rita, Houston did develop a comprehensive evac plan for surge, based on zip code & proximity to surge related flooding hazard. It's very detailed & requires a very syncopatic cooperation of all involved managers & gov'ts & emergency personnel - maybe not everyone on the same page but they better have at least read the damn book. How to do one on the fly with no page let alone a book? How should they have picked who to make evac 1st? I would bet my last $ that anyone complaining about poor "no evac" response a) doesn't live in Greater Houston and even if they do, didn't evacuate... just a side note, Bill Read, former NHC Director had over 3 ft of water in League City, didn't evac... go scold him, would ya?
  4. regarding GFS upgrade & NHC's displeasure for Atlantic forecasting: " In short, their argument is that no upgrade is better than a bad upgrade, and that if the upgrade goes forward as planned, forecasts will suffer. This could put millions of coastal residents in the path of a hurricane at risk, depending on the forecast error. " Testing and evaluation of the GFS 2017
  5. MN got nailed
  6. wicked line, looks like it's not going away any time soon
  7. (over 300 at post time)
  8. AL, 01, 2016011412, , BEST, 0, 308N, 287W, 75, 981, HU, 34, NEQ, 120, 130, 100, 30, 1012, 300, 15, 90, 0, L, 0, , 0, 0, ALEX, D, AL, 01, 2016011412, , BEST, 0, 308N, 287W, 75, 981, HU, 50, NEQ, 30, 30, 0, 0, 1012, 300, 15, 90, 0, L, 0, , 0, 0, ALEX, D, AL, 01, 2016011412, , BEST, 0, 308N, 287W, 75, 981, HU, 64, NEQ, 20, 20, 0, 0, 1012, 300, 15, 90, 0, L, 0, , 0, 0, ALEX, D,
  9. cool, tks - he spoke with them twice, they asked him to hold while they did a commercial - he said he was calling from a private residence's landline. said they would venture out to explore areas of "possibly worse damage" than the area they were in
  10. not quite sure, he lost internet, satellite, etc... saw a bit of blue sky, but can't say with certainty if it was dry slot or edge of eastern wall - can't remember what his lowest pressure was, but not indicative of a center reading, imo - take that with whatever grain of salt needed as this is not an expert's opinion, but mine. very good to hear they're ok & the story of huddling in the "safe room" with others during the worst winds (after his last contact with TWC yesterday)
  11. just heard Josh live on TWC, harrowing experience, but they're ok - so good to hear from them !
  12. It's a NASA plane: out of Houston, Ellington: on a Tropical Cyclone Intensity Experiment mission, such as this one:
  13. CDT is Z-5hrs, not 6,6,3991328&h=100 CST starts Nov 1st
  14. anyone with input on the severe potential for MN, please chime in. I have family/friends at a NHRA event at Brainerd International Raceway this weekend & was wondering if I'm being too hyper-nervous about severe potential for that area. There's a lot of campers there in tents, RVs, etc & drinking, etc... many thanks in advance