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  1. Did you try the link and directions I posted above? This, for example, is what I get when I enter date 20110427 and click one of the verification links on the following page. Is this not what you're looking for?
  2. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/ At the bottom of the page is a section called "Retrieve Previous Outlook". Enter a date then the next page has links for verification overlaid on the outlooks.
  3. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    I dunno, I probably made a mistake somewhere, but I get about 57kts?
  4. Major Hurricane Irma

    I'm no expert but my understanding is that this means the model itself isn't fully accounting for the effects, some negative and some positive, that the storm has on the sea and vice versa. For instance, upwelling of cooler water, ocean wave surface drag, and sea spray enthalpy flux, etc. The negative feedbacks being more dominant when not modeled allow the models to overdeepen cyclones under otherwise favorable conditions. I'm guessing increased resolution may then exacerbate the issue...
  5. Severe Weather Risk This Weekend

    I agree, some were questionable. I admit I wasn't following closely tonight but in FL of what I did watch I didn't see anything that I considered to be a no-doubter like in GA. It was mentioned earlier and I see this sometimes with supercells and mesovortices that bugs, bits of vegetation, and other smallish debris from the inflow gets drawn into low level mesocyclone/vortex and lowers the CC around the velocity couplet. And if NWS offices were discussing what they truely believed were TDSs in chat why weren't they tagging the warnings?
  6. PTC Matthew

    Here's another site: http://ruc.noaa.gov/hfip/tcgen/
  7. July 2016 General Discussion

    I'd have to do some digging to be sure (which I'm not going to do), but that may be highest observed SBCAPE ever in the US or at least close to it.
  8. July 2016 General Discussion

    Go check out the ILX sounding.
  9. This may be what you're looking for. But only has a 10 day archive. http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/people/tomjr/files/realtime/diagnostics.html There's a set of charts for QG height tendency for both the vorticity advection and the differential thermal advection terms. You might note that the absolute height fall/rise contribution isn't computed. Just the contribution of the individual right hand terms without solving the Laplacian.
  10. Capture of [surface?] Low

    You could always ask the poster from your example what was meant. As for the other sources, without reading the context, I might speculate that it was in reference to the concept of "phase locking" of upper and lower level PV anomalies and their mutual amplification. Just a guess...
  11. July 2013 General Discussion

    I think the 0z Pittsburg sounding already measured a 6000m 500mb height right?
  12. Intense Heat Returning Mid/Late July?

    Yep my mistake I was looking at the record report issued this afternoon, but failed to pay close attention to the dates. The funny thing is that today isn't over anyway and low may occur during the evening before midnight... 000 SXUS73 KLSX 262044 CCA RERSTL RECORD EVENT REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ST LOUIS MO 325 PM CDT THU JUL 26 2012 ...RECORD HIGH MINIMUM TEMPERATURE SET AT ST. LOUIS... A RECORD HIGH MINIMUM TEMPERATURE OF 86 DEGREES WAS SET AT ST. LOUIS LAMBERT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT YESTERDAY WEDNESDAY JULY 25TH. THIS BREAKS THE PREVIOUS RECORD OF 83 DEGREES IN 1936. IN ADDITION...THE RECORD HIGH MINIMUM SET ON JULY 25TH TIES THE HIGHEST MINIMUM RECORDED IN ST. LOUIS. THE PREVIOUS WAS SET ON JULY 24 IN 1901.
  13. Intense Heat Returning Mid/Late July?

    Looks like low temp this morning was 86, which again ties the all-time record high minimum for the 2nd consecutive day. To put in perspective, average max temp this time of year is 89.
  14. Intense Heat Returning Mid/Late July?

    Today should be the 11th day of 105+ temperatures for the year which would set a new record. Already tied the all-time record high minimum at 86 today. Should break the record high for today. However, I think today would make "only" the 16th day of 100+ temperatures which isn't even close to the record of 37. Other than last Friday with a fluke mid 80s day, we really haven't been able to enjoy any outside activities in St. Louis for the last month or month and half.
  15. Intense Heat Returning Mid/Late July?

    Officially made it to 107 today. I believe that puts us at 10 days of 105+ degree days for the year and ties the record set in the dust bowl era.