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  1. NCSUchick27

    March 1-2 wind event

    I have power at my house in Leesburg, but my office in Ashburn has been without power since noon on Friday. We may not get it back there until tomorrow evening. I am working from home today.
  2. NCSUchick27

    March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Snow is mixing back in here in Ashburn, near One Loudoun.
  3. NCSUchick27

    December Obs and Disc Thread

    It was sleeting in Ashburn when I left the house a few minutes ago, but by the time I got to work, still in Ashburn, it was mostly rain.
  4. NCSUchick27

    Friday 3/4 "Last Gasp?" - Model Disco and Obs

    Flurries here in Ashburn.
  5. NCSUchick27

    January 2016 Short Term/Obs Thread

    I was out walking the dog a few minutes ago, and I saw some tiny snowflakes flying here in Ashburn. First snow I have seen this winter!
  6. NCSUchick27

    June Obs and Daily Disco

    It's hailing here in Ashburn. Mostly pea sized, but maybe a few marble sized.
  7. NCSUchick27

    1/6 Clipper

    I just drove into work in Loudoun County, and the roads are awful. They are much worse than I thought they would be. You can barely see the lanes on 7. I can't believe they didn't cancel school. I saw several busses on my way in.
  8. NCSUchick27

    2014 Mid-Atlantic Severe Discussion Thread

    Power is out near One Loudoun in Ashburn. Lots of thunder and lightning.
  9. NCSUchick27

    Jan 2014 OBS and Discussion

    I just heard thunder too. I am in Ashburn.
  10. NCSUchick27

    Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting

    Light snow in Ashburn