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  1. That day was just crazy. I remember someone saying of the Cullman tornado "Here's the video you'll see for ages." Little did we know....... Just incredible imagery from last year.
  2. I had an idea, and it's probably dumb and maybe impossible since it's not done yet (to my knowledge), but when there is a supercell bearing down on a city, why isn't there a system to make the radar sweep 90 degrees instead of 360 or some sort of targeting system to decrease the scan time? I know this would present problems if there were other storms being tracked in the area but most major cities could just have more dopplers to take care of this issue. Again just a thought, and in no way am I an expert, just wanted some thoughts on it.
  3. Just saw a video on TWC, looks like it missed the stadium in Tuscaloosa by a quarter mile.
  4. Andy has damage on his stream. I have some friends up in Tupelo, hopefully these cells coming that way manage to split them. Either way, not good.