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  1. Sorry as I don't know where you are on the island, but for Islip March 2014 featured 6 50 degree days (starting around mid-month) and 3 60 degree days (also around mid-month). The rest of the month basically featured below average temperatures. As for April, most of the month was actually around average temperatures (high 50s to mid 60s) with just 4 days in the 40s. Maybe this year will be different/colder - I sure as heck don't know.
  2. East Brunswick hit 60 or above 5 times last March. On the 11th and 12th you were a degree or two away from 70. There were 6 50 degree days and a whole bunch of 40 and 30 degree days.
  3. I second this, which is why I used "night time" in my posting. Day time snow threats late in March and April aren't worth thinking about until the day before as they are very rare in the NYC immediate metro area.
  4. I did read it and it makes perfect sense. Having said that, we really have been in an anomalous pattern for the past month and a half. Do I expect 30 more continuous days below freezing? Absolutely not - we aren't living in an Ice Age. But I would not be surprised if the EPO can still produce a couple more night time snow threats.
  5. Pazzo - sorry if you took what I typed to heart. I just cannot fathom why you are getting so worked up about some posts about continuing cold here... PB has been very strong this year in his forecasting and debating him now seems tedious. Why not keep your doubts to yourself unless you can back them up with scientific reasoning. Saying Spring is coming and that it will hit 60F is not scientific. It's obvious to everybody here.
  6. I have been lurking here fore a while as I have nothing to contribute weather wise. Having said that, you have the right to choose any other board that agrees with your pre-conceived notions. PB isn't doing anything wrong - just pointing out what the models are showing and what the patterns have looked like. It really seems like you are trolling for the fun of it because saying Spring is coming is not going out on a ledge, nor is it making a forecast...
  7. Strongbad

    This is not good.

    Ditto! It's always been thus, hasn't it?
  8. Strongbad

    All things Solar

    Nope because that is for Cycle 25, and we are not out of 24 yet. So far there are no indications from the Sun as to when we can expect Cycle 25 (usually by now you can already depict what is coming next, but that is not the case as of now)
  9. Strongbad

    All things Solar

    Are they actually looking for a Grand Minimum? I would think that to be the last thing anybody wants unless they like slower growth, more dead due to cold temperatures, famine due to poor crop yields, etc. I hope they would be excited by the "spike"?
  10. Those typo comments you make are laugh out loud funny.