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  1. Sept Banter Thread

    Go F yourself you little whiny b**ch.
  2. Sept Banter Thread

    Maybe now that NPZ cry baby got bullseyed he can stop ruining every event that comes through.
  3. President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    I think I saw you measured around 3 inches, looks awesome out there in Roland Park. I just heard some pings too
  4. Photos thread for Jan 22-24 Blizzard

    Unreal pictures and video everyone. Gives me chills. Here are a few of mine from right when the storm ended here in Roland Park.
  5. Washington/Jefferson redux?
  6. Confirmed. Wonder if we make a run at 30? We really pivoted on the edge earlier and the bands started rocketing down from the northeast at us, that was an awesome site as I am new to this area from western Howard county. Amazing storm
  7. Just ripping here in Roland Park. Waiting for the street lights to come on to complete this scene. Been watching a fire hydrant go under for the past couple hours out front, it's almost gone.
  8. About to go out for a check and another round of shoveling. That sounds about right though. Think we got lucky with this dry air thing to the south of us
  9. Wheres my Roland Park dude? We are ripping now, bands look to train on our area too. Hope it fills in for the Annapolis crew too
  10. Check out the action blowing up off ocean city and DE beaches...hope it rotates in. If it does....lol
  11. Hey Neighbor, you seem to be pretty on point. Things have really picked up here this past hour. Next round of shoveling soon, just saw a truck stuck on Roland Avenue
  12. January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    Incredible knowledge obtained by just reading posts from Ian, Wes, Bob Chill, and the rest of the crew over the years Bout to take a Jeb walk and soak it all up
  13. January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    I learned the hard way just like him. After worrying as a child/teen that many of mid atlantic storms were over. Dad would say...."wait for the pivot","wait for the back build". lol brings back good memories to 2003. Cheers
  14. Jan. 17/18 - Possible Flurries/Snow Showers

    Just grabbed this screenshot from ocsurfcam.com lol. A true warrior right there.
  15. The Panic Room--Winter 2015-16

    Anyone wanna take a guess at when the resorts in PA could open up (Liberty, Whitetail, Roundtop)? They blew snow this past weekend, but I am starting to worry as many other resorts north of there are struggling too.