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  1. Ten minutes of pingers about an hour ago. I always know when sleet occurs. Skylights are the best sleet detectors made! Otherwise...all rain here...just drizzle now.
  2. I agree. High of 51° and sunshine since 1:30 pm. Montpelier walking path behind the high school was packed with joggers, dog walkers and bicycles. Still 100% snow cover and solidly deep, but the path was clear save for some big puddles.
  3. Well, I promised my mother it will be all gone by her birthday...April 21st. Hope that's realistic!
  4. Awesome numbers, Nitt...thanks! I just needed to add that one last stat in bold
  5. What a great day. Worked up a sweat washing the SUV, while my two cats lounged on the screened porch for the first time since early November. Got to 70° in the house thanks to huge casement windows. We may still average below normal after all is said and done this month, but man, again...what a great day. Spring is here as far as I'm concerned.
  6. That's about what I had on my driveway at 7:30 this morning. When I got up again at 12:30 it was all gone. Now if we can just get some sun!
  7. Where were you in NC, eyewall?
  8. Speak of the devil...5:12 pm update:
  9. Ah, sorry about that, guys. I never saw the earlier zoomed view and this one has the 3:07 pm time stamp. I thought it was just a more detailed display showing the expected elevation differences. Guess they will issue an updated zoomed view later?
  10. I was just thinking of this yesterday. Not only the deer are having issues, but the flocks of birds that have been gathering on the thin stripe of bare ground immediately surrounding my house have been amazing in their numbers. And then there's the wild turkeys. They normally stay just down the street from me in a huge open field with a enormous red barn, but they have been up in my front yard almost every day for the past week. There's something about one of my trees that produces crab apples that they absolutely love. Half of them in the tree and the rest rooting through the snow to the ground beneath. I've tried to get some pictures but they fly away as soon as I go out there. As eyewall just said...BTV thinking less snow more rain now, so that's just fine. Could be some nice totals up near the Canadian border and above 2,000', though.
  11. I don't think I've ever said this before...but I'm all set. That rain snow line for tomorrow night can push just north of Montpelier as far as I'm concerned. Hope the mountains get crushed, though!
  12. Thanks, mreaves, I've been eying the Middlesex area just west of me north of I-89, the area up County Road you mentioned up toward the Sabin Pond area, and even the west slopes of the Worcester range. The latter area is where poster ono lives, I think.
  13. Yeah, I'm at about 875' and that's just not good enough for me. My real estate agent thinks I'm nuts, I'm pretty sure, as I've told her I won't look at a new place below 1400'-1500'