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  1. LongForWinter

    Today is the 15th anniversary of the 2002 ice storm

    I lost a student to a house fire during the aftermath. 8 years old. His family was using their fireplace to heat the house. The family evacuated the house safely but for some reason, he darted back in and never made it out again. Matthew...
  2. LongForWinter

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    Left Hillsborough, NC at 1pm: cloudy and 41. Now south of Chapel Hill and it's 39 with intermittent light sleet.
  3. LongForWinter

    Jan 25th Winter Weather Discussion Thread

    In the school where I teach, the lunch schedule on half days starts at 9:20. We get 'em in the door, feed 'em, and send them out again at 11:30. Half day accomplished.
  4. LongForWinter

    January 17th-18th Winter Storm Observations

    First post: North east corner of Chatham Cty, NC. All snow. Wet snow, but snow.