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  1. Who can argue with this? Luv it....
  2. Why can't progressives stop judging? Why do progressives always know what is best?
  3. Just began to rain here
  4. Las Vegas has been greatly affected the last few years by the economy and the opening of new casinos.
  5. Was that you in "Toast" the other day reading Mark Levin?
  6. There should be a zero tolerance policy on name calling and keeping on topic. Other than that , good and bad forecasting opinions will always exist. People who pay attention know who to turn to for solid unbiased information. Good debates should be welcomed always.
  7. a+ for potential b+ for actual weather events A for longevity (first flakes in Nov/last flakes touching April) wow 5 months.... Hecs are Hecs for a reason. They do not happen often. So it should not alter the aggregate.
  8. We can not let March taint the score of the whole. A great winter does not become average because March did not produce snow.