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  1. Mforty

    Warm season 2014 thunderstorm thread

    Lost power around 9 last night and there were poles down closing roads around Pike Creek/Hockessin, DE this morning. Nasty storm for us.
  2. Decided to make the trip from Wilmington de to Waynesboro this morning... At 9:30 this morning about 20 miles east of Frederick md on I-70 is where we first saw snow.
  3. Fortunately, I'd be spending the night and would probably make the trip home Sunday afternoon.
  4. So if I wanted to drive to my brother's in Waynesboro Franklin county Pa (because of a b-day party), what time do you think it would be safe to hit the road from Wilmington, DE? I'll be taking my 4 year old and my car is on 4th season winter tires...
  5. Mforty

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    That's not the part of White Clay you want to ride. Check out this guy's detailed map when or if you decide to go: http://www.kencox.net/map.html
  6. Mforty

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    If you ever get the chance, check out White Clay Creek/Middle Run in Delaware or Fair Hill in Maryland. Not as far as you think.