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  1. DSV made it to 77 which breaks the daily record from 1930 and February record of 73 set in 1922. Made it to 78 imby. Lilac is starting to bud so that's probably toast. Hopefully everything else will be ok.
  2. 68 outside
  3. I'll be happy with 4-6. Can everyone see this? It shows up when I embed but when I post it switches to the no snowfall expected?
  4. Dansville is about the same, to far east for Lake Erie and to far west for coastal storms. I wouldn't be surprised if they have winters that average below 30". BTW, I had about 2.5" in Nunda and about 5" in downtown Rochester.
  5. Flurries/very light snow in downtown. Flakes are so small you can barely see them.
  6. About 2 inches in downtown
  7. Decided to go chasing today since the bands weren't too far away. Some videos...
  8. Glad I decided to stay home. Commute from southern Livingston to downtown didn't look appealing. Back to snow here after an hour of fzra.
  9. Have about 4" here. All fzra now.
  10. You should be able to access them through here... https://web.archive.org/web/20130222181131/http://www.erh.noaa.gov/buf/lakepage.php
  11. Nice pic. I should really visit more often, I live 5 miles from the park and I've been there once this year. Just had a burst of snow here in Nunda with decent sized flakes. Enough to coat the ground. Came at the right time cause the Bills are frustrating to watch. Enjoy the snow everyone!
  12. ROC last hit 100 back in the 1950s so its been a while. DSV hit 102 last July followed by 100 the next day.
  13. Low was also 75 at Dansville which it the first time a low above 70 was recorded in May, the previous record was 69. Hopefully we can hang onto it but I'm not to hopeful.