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  1. Mixed with sleet in Seabrook Beach. About 4" and nice stiff wind from east northeast.
  2. I think about 4" of snow on the pavement in Amesbury. Plows are out. Real pasty, sticking to everything. We had sleet for a few hours then went to snow. Looks like we may go back some sleet for awhile.
  3. Hopefully we get some needed rain from this but miss all the damage it would cause. We are a week away so things will change, but its a little scary how the models are coming together.
  4. Not too many people awake at this hour. They did mention in AFD of the possibility of a quick spin up. Does not look like much on radar?
  5. Wind is starting to howl in the Newburyport area. Just saw 2 am obs at Boston with gust to 38. Amazing with storm so far off shore and south. With these winds, even a little amount of snow will make visibility and travel difficult in the am.
  6. hubbardston Fire dispatched wires down and report of funnel cloud. Units on arrival report high winds and hail.
  7. Northeast Ma getting smoked. I have not measured, but estimate a foot here in Amesbury in the last 4 hours. Looking at radar the area appears to be expanding.