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  1. Central PA - January 2018

    Woke up to approx 2 inches of snow in lititz and still snowing. Nice to see everything white again.
  2. Central PA - January 2018

    Unfortunately stopped here as well. I keep hoping for something larger to develop earlier for us.
  3. Central PA - January 2018

    Snowing nicely here in lititz northern lancaster county. About an inch or so. Everything looking nice and white again.
  4. Central PA - January 2018

    That was epic. Brings back great memories. Btw in Lititz sleet and freezing rain earlier. No snow.
  5. Central PA - January 2018

    I like this. Yeah why have brutal cold if no snow. Just needs to be cold enough.
  6. Central PA - January 2018

    I saw those headlines on various news sites and said some editor was looking for flash.
  7. Central PA - January 2018

    Snowing lightly here in Lititz. Not sure how much we got. I expected more but think it was an inch at most.
  8. Central PA - January 2018

    1-4 inches where before we were to far west. Been reading the mid Atlantic posts. Feelings of the moisture coming west has been proven right. Hopefully this storm can barrel further north before turning east.
  9. Central PA - December 2017

    Snowing nicely in Lititz. About 2 inches or so.
  10. Central PA - December 2017

    Winter begins. Rejoice!!!! Cold and snow in December is always wonderful for that sleigh and reindeer. Remember if the snowman sees it's shadow that means 4 mire months winter!!!
  11. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    About a foot. Still snowing. Roads are wet pavement at least on my street.
  12. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    It looks like the band is slowly shifting east. I would like to add a few more inches. Grats to all who got their snow and perhaps more then expected.
  13. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    Back to snow in Lititz (northern Lancaster county).
  14. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    About 9 to 11 perhaps in Lititz. Bummer about the sleet. Hope it changes back soon. Storm is definitely a fast mover.
  15. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    Snowing nicely in Lititz. Approx 2 to 2.5 inches. 1 mile visibility.waiting for the ripping to begin.