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  1. deacon523

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    The other half of the equation, besides mad citizens, is if you evacuate prematurely and it winds up being unnecessary, then the next time there is a big storm people might be inclined to ignore the orders and wind up getting killed. There will be people who decide to ride this one out, even with the evacuation order.
  2. deacon523

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Can confirm in Laytonsville, very light however
  3. deacon523

    Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    Laytonsville, 39 degrees and still dry.
  4. deacon523

    Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    Right all this talk of wobble and tracks and OTS predictions, meanwhile that storm has been parked on top of the Bahamas. They wish it would go OTS, or hit the EC, or anywhere other than where it is. Have there been any reports from on the ground?
  5. deacon523

    Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    A sunny day in October is a great time to hang out at Smacknally's and watch the charter fishermen come in, I'd gladly be there now (well, maybe not now, but on a non-potential weather disaster weekend)
  6. deacon523

    Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    I can't imagine any of the locals will leave, the consensus there tends to be that all the bad storms miss them and hit Hatteras, they'll be drinking beer at Howard's and riding it out most likely.