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  1. 18z gefs leaves much to desire in the individual members . it's active no doubt , but more inland runners vs anything
  2. As you mentioned at southernwx the northern stream is key to this , without confluence there is no shot as it will run to our west
  3. still has the highest 500mb verification score
  4. yeah the 18z gfs wasn't bad at all. it was close more than once to a phase between days 7-12. The 18z gefs reflects the possibilities just a touch later vs the op
  5. 850's will be crashing too so should be some good ratios on the backside IF the HRRR is correct with precip
  6. 12z eps goes towards the gefs . Building higher heights over Alaska and towards the pole
  7. Here is there FB status Oct. 16th... so it's coming "While the weather today and for the next few days should be quiet and comfortable, we know that many of you continue to deal with the effects of Hurricane Matthew. We are proud to serve the many strong and resilient communities across central North Carolina who have experienced catastrophic flooding, and we are hopeful that this dry period will allow remaining floodwaters to recede and the recovery process to begin. We are compiling a case study to document the hurricane's impacts on central North Carolina, and we would appreciate any storm-related pictures of flooding or wind damage that you took over the past week. Any pictures that we use for the case study will, of course, be credited to you. If the picture isn't yours, let us know who to credit. Thank you so much."
  8. Models have actually been back and forth on something developing in the SW Caribbean or GOM for several days now, they had kind of "lost it" last couple of runs but Euro....oh boy. Digging trough would no doubt pull tropical moisture north, no need to worry about it at this point I guess but certainly bears watching I think
  9. Not sure how the numbers are figured, determined, etc.... but AP reporting that an estimate from Goldman Sachs puts the damage at approximately $10 Billion
  10. Yes it was, drove around a while today still saw water over a couple bridges (creeks in rural area not in town) and Halifax Co. actually has a curfew from 8pm to 7am. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  11. Per ABC11 NCDOT closing another section of I-95 near Dunn due to dam breach.... I have a daughter basically stranded at Campbell University right now. And last night saw a post from Pirate Radio on FB that the ECU football team could not make it back to Greenville and they were putting them in different hotels in Roanoke Rapids. Needless many still got caught off guard by Matthew From ABC11.... what a traffic nightmare Due to a breach of the dam at Rhodes Pond, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has shut down Interstate 95 in Dunn, both northbound and southbound lanes, for an unknown amount of time. Traffic from I-95 is being rerouted onto U.S. 421 in Dunn to Lillington, and onto N.C. 401 from Lillington to Fayetteville. Officials said they anticipate a mass influx of traffic through Harnett County due to this reroute. Power is currently out in Lillington, which means traffic lights are also out.On I-95, exits 17 to 22 near Lumberton in Robeson County, exits 79 to 87 near Benson in Johnston County. exit 100 near Selma in Johnston County, and exits 40 to 55 near Fayetteville in Cumberland County are all blocked.I-40 is closed at exits 309 to 312 east of Raleigh in Wake County, exits 334 to 341 east of Benson in Johnston County, exits 364 to 367 near Warsaw in Duplin County and exit 406 near Saint Helena in Pender County.
  12. Absolutely, it goes without saying that there is plenty of water up stream got to head your way, as you say at least they have time to get people out. That was a very widespread area of 6-10 totals to your west that has to flow east, the images from down there in a day or two are gonna be horrible. 7 confirmed storm related fatalities in NC now
  13. Yeah most of us truly thought Floyd was a once in a lifetime event and to think this could surpass that in areas is incredible. Watching these live coast guard rescues this morning is amazing....
  14. A link to Enfield Police Department, a small town in my county with some pictures of a water rescue from a vehicle that washed off the road last night.... this is a scene playing out all over central/eastern NC. There's a reason authorities use such strong wording to try to keep people off the roads... God bless our first responders!
  15. That's just horrible, the winds, floods, fire Matthew throwing everything at the SE to cause devastation