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  1. I can confirm it's pretty blustery up our way, but, with the exception of a couple impressive gusts, it hasn't been too bad. Power has been a bit unsteady, but haven't lost it for more than a few seconds at a time. Generator doesn't even have time to kick on. Not much in the way of branches or debris that I can see. Trees on the hilltops are moving a ton. We are on the leeward side of a fairly significant hill (we're at about 800' elevation, the hill continues up to the north to about 900'), so take that into consideration for my observations.
  2. Yeah, I'm in the northern part of Parkton, just east of Maryland Line, with an average elevation in my lot of around 820'.
  3. My data point was from around 8:00. Glad to hear snow filled in to the south.
  4. Been a lurker for many years, since the extent of my meteorological knowledge came from a handful of classes in flight school 20 years ago. It's amazing what a few miles and a couple hundred feet of elevation can do. My wife said that it was just plain rain south of Hereford.
  5. I've got pretty much the same thing here, just east of Maryland Line, at 850' elevation.
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