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  1. Felt like I was back home in Michigan in the middle of deep winter today. Ground was snow covered with off and on light snow showers all day. Can't beat the sound of the wind whispering through the pine trees with a light snow falling. Beautiful day
  2. Well, I can confirm that a snowflake forgot to melt on its way down over the Towson area.
  3. Just flipped from moderate sleet to................heavy sleet. FT
  4. Still all sleet here in the Cromwell valley/Towson area. Just f*#+€£# end it already! Backside will only disappoint like the rest of it.
  5. I would be happy to see another 1-2" of snow on top of the bs that's on the ground now. As of now still all sleet here in Towson, and waiting for that first flake to mix in. Haven't seen any snow since I went out at 11:30 last night and sat in my truck with high beams on.
  6. Temp down to 25 according to weatherbug and snowing good now. Joppa rd is starting to give it up
  7. Temp 26 DP 26 waiting on yellow deathband!
  8. I had no idea that Towson, MD is at a higher elevation than Parkton, MD at 468'. Nice link, thanks
  9. Beautiful! I'm up, because I'm 39 and I have work on my mind. NAM does appear to be improving a bit.
  10. Gotta love a high wind watch on trash day. Looking forward to playing slalom with trash cans in the road
  11. I'm looking forward to enjoying sunny and 80 while Boston is locked into a nice marine layer and 45 come May. This winter is over so F*+^ it, and F*!k them to!
  12. If I remember correctly, wasn't it very warm in the days leading up to the "storm of the century" back in March of 93? Not suggesting anything, just trying to think back to a time when it was this warm leading up to a storm.