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  1. 4 minutes ago, hlcater said:

    Some of the structure/defoliation on these videos coming out of Abaco is incredible. At first glance, the structural damage doesnt look too bad, but you gotta keep in mind that this is the Bahamas and this type of damage is being done to rigorously built structures specifically designed to withstand major hurricanes. That is what makes this impressive to me.

    Look at the flipped cars here, just from the wind - https://twitter.com/julmisjames/status/1168217300887117825?s=20

  2. Just now, Subtropics said:

    Is there any chance he survives? Where was the higher ground near his location?

    They were next to houses and I'm pretty sure they got inside one. Last shot I have when the feed went out is the white siding of the house so it was still standing as of 2 minutes ago.

  3. 4 minutes ago, cstrunk said:

    That doesn't sound like a good idea without having a prior idea of where to find adequate shelter. I don't see any parking garages on Google. Mexico Beach will likely be ground zero based on current trends....

    Brett is talking on the live stream. He's going to Port St Joe where there's a parking structure with 25 ft elevation. He better start driving soon though.

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