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  1. All about that baroclinicity that is caused b/c of the contast of the Gulf Stream and lanmass and the interaction of the Appalachins. Saw in a 6 month period in 1999-2000 that same effect exacerbate the historic flooding of Hurricane Floyd and the helped crank up the "Big One" of January 24-25, 2000 in Central NC.
  3. Unless he is in Rocky Mount, VA. I am 20 miles south in Wilson with 1.5" on the ground. Webcam at City Lake in Rocky Mount, NC shows the ground covered with at least an inch.
  4. Got 1" from about 20 minutes of insanly heavy snow.
  5. My concern is the wind and saturated ground in the Nash/Wilson area. We had 2.68" of rain yesterday and every crrek and ditch is over it's banks. Adding a a 1/4" of ice or more on trees that are being swayed by 25-30 MPH gust, you are going to start seeing some uprooting and widspread power outages.