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  1. just got home from 3 separate chases in the Sturbridge/Brimfield/Springfield area. Sturbridge on I84 was a mess - I missed the tornado by about 60 seconds. When I got there there was a car rolled over in the median, a large company truck pelted with debris and a lot of large trees were sheered off about half way up. A large highway sign lay mangled on 84 westbound and the air smelled heavily of pine and earth. I got off 84 going 20 West towards Brimfield and Palmer and decided to go back home in case my husband got home early and wanted to chase with me. Got home and found out that right after I went through Brimfield either a tornado or a microburst went through the area. Husband came home and told him about the damage in Springfield and how getting around 32 in Monson was impossible since a tornado touched down on Main Street toppling over the steeple on the church and apparently destroying 6-7 houses. We went back out to see if we couldn't get up to Springfield as another batch of storms was approaching the area. I91N was a parking lot - lots of damage to homes, billboards and buildings. We ended up going up towards Ludlow and chased the storm through the back side of Brimfield. Caught 84W and came home but heard on the radio a campground in Brimfield had at least one fatality. As much as I love severe weather the idea of people losing their lives and having their property destroyed is not what I wish to see at all. I hope everyone here from the affected areas are okay.
  2. I'm looking for the 800 number for Skywarn spotters - the one on my Skywarn card isn't the correct one
  3. would someone please give me the number for the NWS in Taunton? In case we're out chasing I need the phone number and the one I have isn't the correct one. Thanks!