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  1. Fodie77

    Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    This is starting to get me worried for RIC. An Isabel redux would be brutal for this area.
  2. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    It would be awesome to get a changeover within the next hour or two. That would get us in the good stuff before the bulk of the precip gets here. It sounds like Charlottesville is getting hammered, which is a good sign.
  3. Fodie77

    March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    36 and rain in RIC. Would you guys say you're changing over earlier than expected? It seems that way. That gives me hope down here, but the HRRR says no dice. Expecting a sleet bomb.
  4. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Not sure what to think. Looking at the obs thread, it looks like the DC/NOVA crowd is changing over faster than expected. That said, the HRRR is adamant that we will not change over to all snow until 5PM or so. Still think 2-4 is reasonable for RIC, falling on top of a epic layer of sleet.
  5. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    In general, I think the model trends have been pretty positive today for RIC. The GFS definitely backed off on the precip max idea for SEVA though. I think 2-4" is a decent call for RIC. I'll stick with that as the last time I called 2-4, I ended up with 6... Wouldn't be shocked to see a sleet fest though.
  6. Fodie77

    March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    Difference in QPF between the GFS and NAM is crazy for RIC. Cobb output for GFS has RIC at 6". The NAM has us at 0.
  7. Fodie77

    February Banter Thread

    Probably a terrible idea for me to get involved in this "Not DC/NOVA" discussion. As you can see, I'm an epic lurker. Only a 100 some odd posts over 5 years, but a few things I've noticed. First, there has always been a CVA/SEVA thread. There was at the beginning of this year too. At some point a new thread was created called "Not DC/NOVA" that started this whole firestorm, and the original thread was removed as they were now duplicative. Second, the tone of the new thread is completely different from all the CVA/SEVA threads that have come before. That said, I've seen a lot of posts about how essentially everyone in the thread is ranting and raving wants to start a war with DCers. That's just not true. A lot of the people in that thread are the same ones that have always been in the CVA/SEVA threads and have been making completely normal posts around models, obs, etc. Third, the reason for the thread is because, and let's be honest, DC and RIC can both rarely "succeed" together when it comes to snow. For us to do well, we need a southern slider that hoses a lot of you. For you guys to do well, I get rain. It's just the way it is. I don't condone the crazy posts that have gone on in there, but I think the original reasons for why the threads were created years ago is completely valid. Finally, I've seen a lot of posts about climo and why anyone in RIC would be unhappy. That isn't the point for us. The reason why us Richmonders always seem down about our snow is because a successful storm for us can be run of the mill for you guys at times. Take 2010 as an example. January 30, 2010 was great for us. I got about 12". A few days later, I watched rain fall while an hour and a half north people were getting 24-36" totals from snowmageddon. In RIC, there is always a desire for the "big one" which we never seem to get. I forget the stat, but it's been a decade-plus since RIC has reported more than 12". I understand that this is not rational, as beating climo should be seen as a great year, but the proximity of RIC to what can be much snowier places is what makes it tough. If I were living in South Carolina, I wouldn't care. I would take snow when I could get it. What makes RIC so brutal is that you can be as little as 50 miles away from a HECS. It is the ultimate "so close but so far" city when it comes to truly big storms. That is the key to understanding the mentality of a lot of people down here. Sorry for the essay.
  8. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    I'm calling it at 5" Great storm. I think I enjoyed this more than the last one. Last storm we were progged by Wakefield at 9-14". The 6.5" was great, but it was hard not to feel disappointed. With this one, I thought the bust potential was high being west of RIC, so I was only expecting 2-4. Imagine the excitement when I woke up at 5AM to see a death band pounding the neighborhood! (I admit, I went to sleep. I couldn't make it through the night.)
  9. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Definitely feeling like the bust potential is high for this one in RIC. I know I'm being a pessimistic weenie, but RIC has been burned so many times it's hard not to be. Still thinking most of the banding sets up south of here and we end up with 2-4. Not bad all things considered. Williamsburg seems like a great spot to be tonight.
  10. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    I'll stick with the low end and say 2-4 here in RIC. Hope the precip shield shows enough love up here to go higher. I think HR can definitely get to double digits tonight. P.S. - Winter Storm Warnings up for RIC metro. 3-6"
  11. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    A little more meat on these flakes. Around 6"
  12. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Strange storm. Never thought you could get half a foot with pixie dust. Now is when we really need that coastal to start turning. The back building can only save us for so long.
  13. Fodie77

    February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    5.5" Richmond Should definitely hit my goal of 6-8, but once again the area looks to fall short of expectations (10-14)
  14. Fodie77

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Hit 5" at 10:30. (West Henrico)
  15. Fodie77

    February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    Richmond (West Henrico) 10:30 5" Still in pixie dust beast mode