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  1. Thanks for starting separate thread. Cleans things up a bit.
  2. Finally snowing in Indian Trail, NC. Moderate rate turning white rapidly on top of about a 1/4 ice.
  3. Ice becoming the story down here in Union County, NC. Still no snow.
  4. Got 32.8 and cold rain just off Wesley Chapel Road.
  5. Rain 37F. Indian Trail NC. 13 Miles SSE CLT.
  6. We are just in that 5 day lose the storm only to bring it back window. Happens all too often. Patience, the pattern is better with lots of energy and cold air around.
  7. Freezing rain and 29F in Indian Trail NC. Glazing with frozen coat on everything.
  8. Really feel this will be a rain turning over to some fat flakes at the end scenario for most. NAM needs some support to feel more confident. 12z suite will be important for sure.
  9. All freezing rain here. Bushes and wax myrtles sagging already. 29.4F
  10. Mixed bag here in Indian Trail. Heavy burst of snow dropping a quick 1/4 inch, then back to sleet and freezing rain. 30.9F