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  1. Going back to snow now, 26.2
  2. Back to sleet and snow grains for me 29.7
  3. About an inch on the ground here 5 miles west of Youngsville. 30
  4. Mostly snow now. 30.9
  5. CC line just paseed through me, big sleet, some flakes staring to mix in now. 30.9
  6. Ha thanks Mostly sleet so far, but at least I have seen some flakes.
  7. It looks like the snow (no ice) increased over Wake county some, so perhaps cooled a bit. havent examined sounding outside my back yard though yet. Here the model shows a 2-3 hour period of sleet later tonight.
  8. Just residual warmth taking time to wash out. Models showed it would cool down north to south between 7pm-11pm. As this precip moves in I expect it will cool more rapidly.
  9. NAM has 1.75 to 2 inches of QPF for Raleigh area from 7pm today to 7pm Saturday. Down below 32 now, so that should be all frozen for me.
  10. Latest NAM has 1.75 to 2 QPF for all of Triangle that was 7pm tonight to 7pm Saturday.
  11. Lull now, but down to 32.0. Probably not above again till Tuesday!
  12. Yep we have a sleet/snow mix. 32.5 Was 70/30 snow, now 70/30 sleet. Looking forward to the heavier radar returns to move in
  13. First snow flakes here 5 miles west of Youngsville. 33.1
  14. Light rain/sleet mix 36.1 5 miles west of Youngsville.
  15. Had some patch light rain/sleet last hour 40.3 5 miles west of . Youngsville.