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  1. Well, the precipitation here is so fine, I wouldn't even call it snow. It's almost a mist, and though it's been coming down like this all day, I don't think we've picked up three inches.
  2. Yup. And a frog hopped across the road in front of my car on my way home.
  3. I was on this site reading and watching several hurricanes hit, including Katrina. Without fail, once the first pictures appear, the chorus of 'it isn't that bad' begins, both here and elsewhere. I remember that vividly about took days before the full extent was realized, Florence as well. It's becoming amusing to me at this point. I'll withhold all judgement or comments for at least a week.
  4. Raining here right now, with a few flakes mixed in. Roof is still dripping.
  5. Seldom post, but I have to rant. Mods, delete if needed./ I'm by no means well versed in weather, hurricanes, name it. But I strive to learn. I am totally disappointed with the evaluations happening here now. Incompetence, name it. We do not as yet have anywhere near the information we need as to the actual longer term effects of Irma, especially given the flooding in Georgia and South Carolina, not to mention millions (that boggels my mind) out of power. How hard is it to wait for a week or two before passing judgement. I happen to be extremely impressed by how well warnings and model info were conveyed; as a novice and learner, I could grasp it. I believe many more would have died had all of this not happened. End rant/
  6. There's already a huge amount of flooding below the Dam B, and it appears spillway and flood gates are close to maximum. I wouldn't be surprised to see it overtopped. First pic from August.
  7. This is extremely helpful to me. Makes it possible to visualize what has just been described.
  8. I have been wondering about this throughout this whole focus on Houston. So many other areas have been hammered as hard as, or harder than, Houston. I would love to know that there are active rescues and assistance going on there also.
  9. is all i can come up with watching from NY.
  10. Certainly on my mind, just wondering what this will mean for Houston. Weather extremes seem to be becoming the norm...
  11. And how many more days of this might we be looking at...
  12. Doubt it. He usually has a team.
  13. I've heard him talking to others, and seen at least two other people waling around.
  14. I think he has a team with him, as well a a truck. Probably better equipped than we think.
  15. North of Seneca Falls here, almost in Wayne county. Nothing at all for us here so far. Rain and light snow alternating all day, no accumulation, light rain outside right now.