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  1. Quick little thunderstorm and now back to wind and driving rain here in Ansonia
  2. Pouring ZR flipped back to sleet and now light mix of ZR and sleet still at 22 in Ansonia
  3. Little over 1" here in Ansonia with moderate snow...17 degrees
  4. Little over 1" here in Ansonia with moderate snow...17 degrees
  5. Sleet coming down in Ansonia, CT for the last 20 min
  6. Moderate snow here in Ansonia nearing about 1.5 inch....picked up in the last hour
  7. Reports of snow in Hoboken and the east village, and it's sticking on Twitter
  8. Long time observer here and snow lover... Ok I have a question.... For the February 2013 blizzard NAM won out different system I get it not the same setup. If I'm not mistaken euro wasn't on board at all. Even the nam didn't forecast us the 3 feet we ended up with. Is there any hope of this here?
  9. We have dusting of pellets/sleet. Pouring sleet/rain here in Ansonia CT at 28 degrees
  10. Nearing 3" down here in Ansonia CT
  11. Just under 2" here in Ansonia, Ct snowing moderately
  12. Jumped 5 degrees in the last half hour now currently 28 and freezing rain and very littl sleet :/ Ansonia, CT
  13. Have around an inch but just peeked out and it sounds like it's mixing here. It's currently only 22 degrees. Ansonia, CT