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  1. CAE has been getting hammered compared to norm, even my folks who arent wx geeks have noticed it. Would someone add MYR and/or ILM to the list, maybe CHS. I suspect they are above average too?
  2. the 'ol Fall Line special
  3. sister in lexington sc (just west of columbia) reporting moderate snow, parents in Irmo (nw of columbia reporting moderate with heavy bursts. good for them, im monitoring from the west coast. have fun all. the atlanta (and birmingham) situations are terrible
  4. What year was the really crippling ice storm in coastal SC. 79-80ish? I remember my dad was in chs for work and trapped there a couple days
  5. watching from the west coast (horrible drought out here, we are calling in Juneuary) anyway would be great for back home (MYR) to get something similar to a '89 redux. good luck to all in the coastal carolinas
  6. sister in law in NMB, SC said she's had close to 1/2" in the last 25 min
  7. Myrtle Beach and Horry County benefiting from no Sun
  8. check out the DOT cams in Florence, SC
  9. maybe still a little energy coming off/over the apps, I wouldnt be surprised if there is another shower there later over night
  10. you can actually see the lake enhancement on radar as that band passed just west of columbia
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graupel
  12. backside blob cycling ESE from CLT, FLO to FAY may end up with some sluss
  13. sister in Lexington SC reporting ThunderGrapuel!
  14. welcome to the club :cheers use to see it up in NH when I lived there 11 years ago
  15. that explains the bright banding on radar