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  1. How about we just make definitive statements after the storm has departed. I hate all these claims and definitive statements being made before the event even begins. If people knew what was going to happen there would be no need for discussion and no uncertainty. Let's see what happens today and how this unfolds. It is very well possible somewhere like the city could benefit from stronger banding which could boost their total. Precipitation amounts vary greatly across the board.
  2. This has always been modeled as a moderate snowfall. That is still the case, we were never expecting huge amounts here. Radar is filling in nicely and should deliver a moderate snowfall to most.
  3. The radar is blowing up and filling all those areas in. Coastal beginning this transformation. Don't worry the adjustment is coming.
  4. euro looks like a nice small snow event just inland 2-4
  5. I remember 96 and must say that boxing day is by far the best storm I have experienced. I agree that 96 had a greater impact for a larger area and therefore remains king. But when I judge a storm it is based on personal experience and what conditions/dynamics were present. Boxing day had everything for me that 96 did not. Winds far exceeded 96, snowfall rates were much greater, and overall I experienced real blizzard conditions during boxing day. Even though I might have experienced a few more inches of snow in 96, it makes no difference to me. I rather have the 25 inches I saw in boxing day over a short period of time then the 30 inches of snow that fell over a two day period for 96. 96 was just a long drawn out steady snowfall for my area. Boxing day was an intense, action packed, wind driven few hours of snow. Also I was fortunate enough to experience the boxing day mega band, and snowfall rates far exceeded anything I have ever experienced.