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  1. Scottium

    March 1-3 -NAO Comeback Coastal Discussion/OBS

    Around 4AM there was some off and on graupel mixing in Parkesburg Chester County
  2. Just over 2" with heavy snow
  3. Temp went up from 36f at 9pm to 38f now. Didn't expect that.
  4. Scottium

    OBS 3/3-3/5/2015 The 3 Part Sandwich Event!

    A couple flakes in University City
  5. Scottium

    OBS 3/3-3/5/2015 The 3 Part Sandwich Event!

    Wife reported that sleet just started in Lancaster.
  6. Scottium

    OBS 03/01-03/02/2015 March Lion Event

    Had been mostly sleet and freezing rain but in the past 15 mins light snow has mixed back in
  7. Scottium

    OBS 03/01-03/02/2015 March Lion Event

    Heavy sleet with a little freezing rain mixed in
  8. Drove down to Newark DE and it's white conditions a lot of the time along Rt 896
  9. Moderate snow, variable flake size. 0.25" since 11AM
  10. Light/moderate snow. Everything coated fairly quickly.
  11. Scottium

    OBS: Snow Monday night/Tuesday 2/16-17/2015

    A few flakes ... Had to stand outside under a light to verify.
  12. Scottium

    Obs for Long Duration "Winter Event" Feb 8-10

    32 with light fog
  13. Scottium

    February 1-2 Winter Event Obs

    Very light snow here for the past 45 mins. Light dusting on sidewalks.
  14. Scottium

    OBS: Snow, Monday-Tuesday 1/26-27/2015

    Looks like Coatsville is moderate snow from what I can see in the headlights while sitting on the train. Bus 30 almost snow covered.