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  1. Isn't that what that swamp land and such supposed to do? Help mitigate any sort of storm surge? Seems nature may knew what she was doing...
  2. And here I felt bad early on for calling a "lighthouse" a "buoy" when I posted data early on in this madness (Station SGOF1 - Tyndall AFB Tower C (N4), FL), but, little did I realize that this whole event would turn into this madness. Some of us like weather from a casual point of view and have no dog in this fight, but, seeing how folks behave about it really made me realize the volatility of individual points of view.
  3. The trees in the
  4. By the sounds on Adairs camera, he's lost a window on his this is still broadcasting is beyond me.
  5. Another look at Buoy (or light tower as I've been corrected) SGOF1:
  6. Panama City beach web cam. Impressive, most impressive:
  7. Been watching this buoy's readings. It will be darn close to the NE eyewall at landfall.
  8. Some interesting data coming from here: I did not know those buoys took photos either... Eric
  9. Seems like many violent storms have occured in the fall of the year here in NW Ohio. The Van Wert F-4 was a November 10th event. Several other wind events have occured in October/November as well. Eric in NW Ohio