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    5 hours ago, STxVortex said:


    Delta's southern outflow arm is streaming into the Pacific Gulf of Tehuantepec [as if pulled]; using the NHC/NESDIS GOES16 Geocolor image, which is too big to insert here [tried various ways?].

    The northern outflow doesn't seem as defined or vigorous, may account for the slower development?

    Delta has also been making a more westerly course than progged, this worries me here in Coastal Bend Texas; the extra westering may scootch the ultimate track over too far for us.

    Do I need to give the boat the full 'batten down' in the slip, schedule a haulout? Decisions decisions ...


    Made a screen shot of Delta's tail. Wishing you luck in dealing with this storm. 1154454489_Delta1.png.74b5ab0a31ef7e36987ed519b1755d09.png



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