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  1. 16 hours ago, Normandy said:

    Like I said in the Ian thread, this hurricane season might change things for Florida and how they operate with respect to development on coastlines.  All of those lows I imagine get dragged north by something.

    Desicion makers in Floriduh will never do the right thing, because they are corrupt and their moto is private proffits over public interests. Have sat across the table from them & the developers too many years begging them to do the right thing and they never do, they pay millions for studies they ignore, and use greed as their guide. Too many humans get their rocks off over death and destruction, and create war to continue that high, and to feed the greed. Think that may be why tropical cyclones are given human names, humans envy the power of destruction. Ian destroyed this area, and it fu#%ing sucks.

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  2. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the work they do posting information about all the storms on this forum, as it makes it much easier to monitor what is going on when all the info is in one place. I also appreciate all the storm chasers who show us videos of what we can expect, which is both educational and motivating, it helps one to gauge what they can handle and to get things done in a hurry when preparing for a storm. I would also like to thank the chasers like Josh who help collect important information about these storms. So often the chasers are demeaned but I have learned a lot from the chase posts and videos. To anyone else who may be affected by this storm I wish you the best. Going to go freak out now and start trimming branches, and tying things down.

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  3. 4 hours ago, jjwxman said:

    The 00z CMC also shows the stall over Florida and then north into the SE US.



    Thanks for posting this, even though it is freaking me out. I am just north of the Caloosahatchee river near the Charlotte/Lee County line about 25 miles inland and we are in what South Florida Water Management District calls the Northern Everglades with seasonal sheetflow flooding. We flood every summer for 3 to 16 1/2 months [with an added wet winter}, and the county keeps allowing development and the filling of the floodplain so instead of the average 18 inches of water found in the Everglades we have had 20-22 inches the past few weeks with all the recent heavy rain and during a major event there can 31-33 inches{can last a week or two or go down a 1/2 inch a day} as there was for TS Ernesto 2006, and Irma. So it will be really interesting and terrifying if this model comes to fruition.

    I am still trying to figure out why I moved to Florida when I was 20 something in 1981, thought it would be like Hawaii{Army brat in high school there}, I was mortally wrong, as it more resembles hell in the twilight zone, a more intense version of damnation.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, GaWx said:

     I just noticed that the sky here in Savannah, GA, is milky and the sun looks filtered. It has the look of smoke or haze. But something about it looks different. Is this possibly from SAL? Anyone know if SAL is currently extending all of the way to the GA and SC coast? If so, this is fascinating as I don't think it gets here all the way here at this intensity more than rarely.

    The Area Forcast Discussion pasted below for the Tampa area mentions the SAL. It is hazy here in the FT Myers/SW Florida area too. You can also see it on the Satellite images.




    Area Forecast Discussion
    National Weather Service Tampa Bay Ruskin FL
    246 PM EDT Wed Aug 10 2022
    Issued at 243 PM EDT Wed Aug 10 2022
    Ridging will remain to our north for the rest of the work week
    however the bigger factor of the weather across the area will be the
    Saharan Dust Layer that will be over the area. This will help to
    keep us drier with PW`s generally at or below 1.5. This will help to
    shut down almost all of our seabreeze thunderstorm activity for the
    rest of the week. However, it is summer so will still keep an
    isolated chance of showers and storms each day as a few storms will
    manager to get through the drier air.
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    5 hours ago, STxVortex said:


    Delta's southern outflow arm is streaming into the Pacific Gulf of Tehuantepec [as if pulled]; using the NHC/NESDIS GOES16 Geocolor image, which is too big to insert here [tried various ways?].

    The northern outflow doesn't seem as defined or vigorous, may account for the slower development?

    Delta has also been making a more westerly course than progged, this worries me here in Coastal Bend Texas; the extra westering may scootch the ultimate track over too far for us.

    Do I need to give the boat the full 'batten down' in the slip, schedule a haulout? Decisions decisions ...


    Made a screen shot of Delta's tail. Wishing you luck in dealing with this storm. 1154454489_Delta1.png.74b5ab0a31ef7e36987ed519b1755d09.png



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