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  1. 2Slick

    Historic Lake Effect Snowstorm

    Congrats to everyone getting smashed! Stay safe. Was a beautiful sunny day in Syracuse.
  2. Snow had died down a lot over the last half hour or so.
  3. WOW, Blizzard Warning for Oswego County now!
  4. Here we gooo! Good luck to everyone. Enjoy the snow! Finally a storm during the day so I don't have to sit up all night!
  5. Is this Lake Effect we are getting? It's been snowing good all day. Just had to use the snow blower. Nice surprise!
  6. I guess I don't understand how warnings work I'm just a weenie who likes to watch weather but why in gods name does it always say "Including the city of Syracuse etc". Like no, that does not include the city of Syracuse lol. They can keep it up there I want spring. Tired of these bitter cold temperatures.
  7. Here comes another one. First one was wicked intense although VERY brief.
  8. Someday...someday I will live up there . Either there or Miami LOL, have to figure out what extreme I like more. EDIT: Anyone know where I can find info for average snowfall for places like Fulton/Pulaski etc? I've been searching around the Buffalo NWS site but can't seem to locate anything of that sort. Historical data would be nice too of how much snow they have gotten every year. Thanks!
  9. Definitely the hardest it has snowed all winter this morning a little after 11:30. As quick as it came it left though.
  10. Whooo let's get this dusting in the Cuse metro area! We can do itttt .
  11. Feels like spring today. Not sure I want winter to come back if it's just going to be bitter cold with no snow.
  12. Radar has been lighting up all night and right now but I haven't even seen a flurry. Virga?
  13. Good! I want this winter to last it's been awesome haha! Please don't do too much damage to our snow pack .