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  1. Frankly, the way you've thrown a few of my co-workers under the bus this week, I'm not even interested in discussing this with you. Dave, you're a smart guy and you're very aware of our setup. I'm not going to go round and round with he said, he said stuff, because it won't get anyone anywhere. The inflammatory rhetoric I've heard this week from our "public" callers has been some of the most profane, unprofessional stuff I've ever heard. I'm not interested in starting or participating in a battle with you. I'm just not going there.
  2. Well, realize that ours is an incredibly complex CWA; Huge, varied marine, coastal plain, piedmont...throw in 3 metro areas and a few high visibility neighbors and collaboration is a herculean task almost daily. Not complaining, it's part of the job...but it goes to why everything takes so long. By the book, we need to have our stuff in by around 4pm to meet media crunch, 3:30 if possible. I think they'll meet that. The lowest hanging fruit for WSW (easiest to verify) was the CHO area. That went first. We'll see what happens next, but I'm sure everyone will be more than satisfied (my Vince Gambini voice from My Cousin Vinny). In any case, this mixed phase stuff is climo for us. We struggle with this more than our neighbors due to our location. If we bust high (*and I suspect quite a few will) east of town, those urging us to rush will be the first ones to complain that we busted. It's a double edged sword. I think, frankly we do have a tendency to rely TOO much on the science; To get the forecast precisely correct rather than go for "awareness". Call me old fashioned, but I honestly love our approach. Could we do it faster some times? Perhaps. I wouldn't change our M.O. for anyone, however.
  3. Watching from afar today but I can't help myself but to respond. Honestly, the call has already been made...i'm fairly certain of that. It's just a question of coordinating and communicating internally. There's a lot of internal politics that so many people aren't aware of that the weather office faces every single day. And of course there are media briefings, etc. Further, looking at the Soundings and bufr data, this is nowhere near as slam dunk as it appears. RIC will have mixing and transition issues after the initial (strong) WAA bump. Always do. We've had far better setups that have blown up with SEly flow aloft. Anyway, just wanted to weigh in real quickly. Honestly, all this griping is why I don't even bother to post much anymore. Just my 2 cents. Flame away.