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  1. wxbrad

    January Pattern and Storm Discussion

    The one thing that has me a bit concerned is the tendency for the guidance to keep the cold air in the Northeast. Which could lead to the surface arctic ridging in the northeast and thus a major CAD set-up in the southeast. We are way over due for a major ice storm in the Carolinas and this could be an ideal pattern for one.
  2. wxbrad

    January Pattern and Storm Discussion

    Congrats Mr. Bob as well! Thanks for linking back guys. I don't think it will be anything like 1985 as stated in my blog post. I use that example not because of the extremity of the event but for the reversal factor. When bringing up cold air this winter most viewers, (ie non-Mets) the public is going to think your crazy unless you demonstrate past experiences of the reversal. So while it's easy to focus on the outbreak my only intention was to demonstrate how a warm December can mean absolutely nothing for the rest of the winter. Plus remember my blog is read by laymen and Mets alike I have to make it usefully to both.
  3. If you want to look back at past SSW events here are some notable ones below. I think this could be close to 1985..maybe! The hardest part of forecasting the impacts is which side of the pole the arctic air goes. Last year this happened a few times but it all the cold went into Siberia. More events here.. http://curriculum.pmartineau.webfactional.com/ssw-animations/
  4. always my favorite met in the Charlotte market. Keep up the great work.